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White Oak Rod & Gun Club, Inc.

WORGC 2019 Steel Pin Shoot

Bowling Pin Shoot With Handguns

Everyone is welcome to join in.  Shoot one week or every week.

This is a fun shoot for the entire family.
Shoot any rimfire or center fire caliber handgun, just so the load does not damage the pins.
Revolvers and Semi Automatics OK to shoot.



Free Shoot: April 24

 May:  1, 15, 29
 June:  12, 26
 July:  10, 24
 August:    7, 21
 September:    4, 18

Questions contact: 
Frank Engwer 724-689-8165
Rosemary Leeches 412-855-3844


  1. Eye and ear protection are mandatory.
  2. Loading and unloading of firearm on firing line only.
  3. Wait until the Range Officer instructs you to load the firearm.
  4. Loaded firearm must be pointed down range at ALL times.
  5. Shooters feet must remain behind the front edge of the firing line.
  6. Shooters must always use a one or two handed hold.  No resting on chest or arms permitted.
  7. Centerfire: Any straight wall case originally chambered for a handgun.
  8. Sights: Any optical sight, scope, or any open sight of a stock configuration.
  9. Maximum barrel length is 14".
  10. Ammunition that does server damage to targets or is dangerous to participants/spectators will be discontinued and NOT allowed.
  11. Scoring: 1 Point per pin knocked down.
  12. 60 Second Time Limit (5 shots)
  13. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the range.
  14. Fee: $5.00 for 2 Rounds.
  15. Best 10 Scores will be used to calculate your average.
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