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White Oak Rod & Gun Club, Inc.

Shotgun sports at White Oak Rod and Gun Club

You have long waited the first day of the season anticipating the sight of a cottontail bursting from a fencerow, perhaps your setter holding a rock steady point on a hidden pheasant or grouse, or calling waterfowl to your blind. The game flushes, you raise your shotgun, slap the trigger, feel the recoil as the load of shot rushes from the barrel only to hit the ground well behind the disappearing cottontail or blowing holes in the sky as the quickly disappearing bird doesn’t even miss a wingbeat. Talk about frustration! 

Or, have you ever wanted to get involved in a sport that you could enjoy with your spouse, children, or grandchildren. What better way is there to protect our 2nd. Amendment rights than by teaching the next generation to appreciate the shooting sports?  If any of this applies to you we have the answer for you. Shotgun Sports! Yep! Regular practice with your shotgun will give you the skill to hit those elusive targets whether they are made of fur, feathers, or clay.  Not a hunter, no matter, there is much fun and fellowship to be had in shotgun shooting. Trap, Skeet, 5-Stand, and Sporting Clays all have different challenges that require concentration and discipline. All of these shotgun games are fun to shoot and you will find people willing and capable to help you improve.

    One lighted Skeet field
    Three trap fields, (one with lights and voice release)
Five Stand
    A very challenging five-stand course with 8 target presentations

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